Wind Capsule


Grade 3
Performance Time: 3'36"
Publisher: Beriato Music <Hal Leonard Europe> (2013)


Naoya Wada wrote Wind Capsule on to commemorate the wedding of his friend Takumi and his bride Asako, which took place on 15 September 2012.
As the composer himself says: "Takumi and I played in the same orchestra in junior high school. He played euphonium and I played tuba. He was a good musician and got on pretty well with computers; I composed and I learned everything about computers. Without him, I wouldn't be the person I am today. He now plays trombone in a local orchestra. That's where he got to know Asako, who also plays trombone. I send them both my best wishes for their lives together. Takumi and Asako, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!"

中学時代の友人の結婚を祝して作曲。 彼は1つ上の学年で、当時はユーフォニアムを担当していました。音楽の趣味も似ていて一緒に作曲をしたり、またコンピューター関係にも詳しく、色々と教えてもらったり、彼がいなければ今の私はいないのではないかと思うほど、大きな存在です。現在は地元北九州市の一般バンドでトロンボーンを担当し、そこで奥様と出会われたそうです。


Golden Eagle

Luftwaffenmusikkorps 3, Münster
Timor Oliver Chadik, conductor

Beriato Music