To a New Horizon


Grade 2.5
Performance Time: 5'00"

Bravo Music

Brain Music


In January of 2020 I received a request from Brain Music/Bravo Music for a new work in the flexible series, and initially I was thinking of a work in a chamber ensemble setting. However, by March, when I started composing, the COVID-19 pandemic was raging worldwide and many bands were unable to perform as before. I decided to adapt instrumentation to be played by all types of bands. Even if percussion is omitted the music still makes sense, so it is possible to play in a chamber ensemble with only five people, a string ensemble, a brass band or an orchestra. I decided on the title "To a New Horizon" with the intention of positiveness.
If you have enough time on stage, you can extend the playing time by inserting [D], [E], [F] instead of the rehearsal mark [N]. We hope that many people will enjoy it and bring new horizons to everyone.



ステージ時間に余裕がある場合、リハーサル・マークNの代わりにD, E, Fを挿入することで、演奏時間を延長することが可能です。