Grade 3.5
Performance Time: 6'25"
Publisher: Grand Mesa Music (2017)


"Soaring" was commissioned by the Sagami Women's University Junior & Senior High School Band.
At first, the piece was composed and premiered as short fanfare: measure 1 to 16 and then jump to 184 to the last. After that, I reimagined this work as a concert overture and titled it "Soaring."
My thought on the title that the students who spend youth days with music can "soar" to build on their past musical experiences.
Premiere performance of this work took place on December 25, 2015. This piece was dedicated to the band and Ms. Urara Sekii, director.
However I would like to dedicate this piece to Mayu, my precious anchor.

神奈川県、相模女子大学中学部・高等部 吹奏楽部委嘱作品。