The Moon Illuminates the Love Tenderly


Grade 3
Performance Time: 5'00"

Bravo Music

Brain Music


The Moon Illuminates the Love Tenderly was commissioned by the Toyo Sukagawa High School's double-reed ensemble section. In 2018, it was performed with oboe, English horn and bassoon utilizing version A music. I actually borrowed Kanji (Chinese characters) from the names of the premiere members (Natsuki-san, Yuri-san, Ai-san) respectively for the title. I composed while imagining the lovers gently illuminated by moonlight (introduction and middle part) and to celebrate their love (6/8 time signature).
Depending upon available instruments, you can select Version A (in Ab) or Version B (in Eb), and there are variations therein.
Although parts and designated options are indicated, it's not to limit any other instruments not included in the piece, so I hope you can enjoy the ensemble with the given combinations.

2018年、Version Aの楽譜を用いてオーボエ、イングリッシュ・ホルン、バスーンの各奏者により演奏されました。

楽器の組み合わせによってVersion A (in A)またはVersion B (in E)から選択でき、様々な編成に対応が可能です。


Version A (in A)
Part 1: Flute / Oboe / Violin / Clarinet in B / Soprano Saxophone in B
Part 2: Viola / English Horn in F / Clarinet in B / Alto Saxophone in E
Part 3: Bassoon / Violoncello / Bass Clarinet in B / Tenor Saxophone in B / Baritone Saxophone in E

Version B (in E)
Part 1: Clarinet in B / Trumpet in B / Alto Saxophone in E
Part 2: Clarinet in B / Alto Clarinet in E/ Alto Saxophone in E / Tenor Saxophone in B / Horn in F
Part 3: Bassoon / Trombone / Euphonium / Bass Clarinet in B / Baritone Saxophone in E