Medieval Hymn Variations
-In Praise of Guido d'Arezzo-


Grade 4
Performance Time: 7'20"
Publisher: Molenaar Edition (2017)


Guido d'Arezzo(992 - 1050) was an Italian music theorist of the Medieval era. He developed new techniques for teaching, such as staff notation and the use of ut-re-mi-fa-so-la (later, ut became do). The original monophonic melody is written in organum in the first part, then developed in 3 modern variations, to end with a passionate finale.
After the premiere in 2015, the piece was revised drastically, and was performed in its final edition in 2016.

「聖ヨハネ賛歌」の主題を用いた変奏曲。グイード・ダレッツォ(992 - 1050)は中世イタリアの音楽教師で、「聖ヨハネ賛歌」の第1節から第6節までの冒頭「Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La」と第7節"Sancte Iohannes"のSIを用いて、現在の音階の名称を作り上げました。Utは現在でもフランスでは使われますが、発音しにくいため「主」を示すDominusのDoに変更され、世界中で広く使用されています。



Banda Sinfónica Da Policia De Seguranca Pública
José Manuel Ferreira Brito, conductor

Molenaar Edition
MBCD 31.1146.72