Flower Crown


Grade 2.5
Performance Time: 5'01"

Bravo Music

Brain Music


In your youth, some of you may have enjoyed making flower crowns. This small ensemble was created by friends of the Toho College of Music. I reconfigured it to flexible instrumentation with percussion.
Percussion may be omitted. At least five parts/players are needed. If played with brass instruments only, the top part is in a comfortable range for trumpet. Some parts suggest best use by woodwinds if possible. As there are few pauses for middle and lower voices, when performing with a concert band, please balance piano (soft) sections to the woodwind instruments.
This was composed for elementary up to adult musicians. I am looking forward to your cute and enjoyable performance.
Premiere performance on June 28, 2012 at Starbucks Coffee Omiya Nishiguchi store, Saitama, Japan.

東邦音楽大学の友人達によるアンサンブルとして作曲し、2012年6月28日、スターバックス コーヒー 大宮西口店にて初演。


フレキシブル・アンサンブル&バンド曲集 3
Flexible Band Repertoire 3

京都市立芸術大学 管打楽器アンサンブル
Kyoto City University of Arts Wind Ensemble

Brain Music