Flower Crown


Grade 3
Performance Time: 5'15"

Bravo Music

Brain Music


The flower crown, seamlessly assembled in a circular pattern, is believed to signify "eternal happiness. It is said to have come to be used at weddings in Europe in the 19th century for the purpose of pledging eternal love. If not limited to weddings, its history is even older. Ancient festivals had the custom and culture of placing a crown made of woven flowers and plants on the head. It is also well known that olive crowns are given to medalists at the Olympic Games as a symbol of honor. It is the former that I depicted in this piece. I composed the allegro part with the image of charity and happiness, and the middle part with the image of a wedding march.
The original edition was composed for a chamber music piece of five players and premiered in 2012. This concert band edition was commissioned by the Koedo Wind Ensemble, led by composer Tohru Kanayama, and was premiered on September 14, 2015.