Grade 3
Performance Time: 3'36"
Publisher: Beriato Music <Hal Leonard Europe> (2013)


Exultate was commissioned by the Comfort Wind Ensemble of Fukuoka, Japan. After Spirals of Light, this was the third work that the composer wrote for this orchestra to commemorate the All Japan Band Competition of 2011, when the band first reached the final of this competition.
The premiere of Exultate took place on 13 May 2012 at the Sun Hall in Kitakyushu under the direction of conductor Satoru Yoshihara.
As the title suggests (Exultate is Latin for 'rejoice'), the character of the music is cheerful and exuberant. The opening fanfare sounds especially vital and festive. This is followed by a melodic, lyrical theme that runs like a thread through the entire composition. Broadly orchestrated, and large in scale, with a rhythmic accompaniment by the drums, this passage leads to a magnificent climax.
This opening work will undoubtedly enrich the repertoire of every concert band.

福岡県のコンフォート ウインドアンサンブル委嘱作品。2011年、同団体は全日本吹奏楽コンクール全国大会出場を果たし、それを記念して作曲されました。


Golden Eagle

Luftwaffenmusikkorps 3, Münster
Timor Oliver Chadik, conductor

Beriato Music