Bari Bari Bassi


Grade 4
Performance Time: 3'00"

Star Music Publishing


"Bari Bari Bassi" was written for the 2nd EKODA Bari-Tuba Festival, held in Tokyo. The title has two meanings: "Groovy bass", and the instrumentation, Baritone, Baritone, and Bassi (the plural of Basso). As a tuba player, the composer wanted to add a funky piece for the Euphonium-Tuba quartet repertoire. This piece features 2nd Tuba which plays like bass guitar style. Premiered by Euphonium Tuba Company Quartet on September 15th, 2012.

タイトルは、"バリバリ"なバス (2nd Tuba) という意味と、編成そのもの、2つの意味合いから成っています。
2012年9月15日、第2回江古田バリチュー祭にてEuphonium Tuba Company Quartetによって初演。


1st Euphonium
2nd Euphonium
1st Tuba (opt. 3rd Euphonium)
2nd Tuba