Alley Cats


Grade 4
Performance Time: 6'30"

[for Flute, Alto Sax or Trumpet]
Molenaar Edition

[for Oboe, Clarinet or Soprano Sax.]
Molenaar Edition

Fl./A.Sx./Tp.   Ob./Cl./S.Sx.   

The "Alley Cats" is a lighthearted composition that explores the varying interactions of cats.
Imagine the cats on alley streets in the city; skinny cats, fat cats, black, white, stripes and more. They live freely in the bustle of the city.
This work was commissioned by my friend flutist Chikara Sugano. Premiered on July 30, 2022 in Chiba, Japan.



for Flute, Alto Sax or Trumpet

  • Solo Flute
  • Solo E Alto Saxophone
  • Solo B Trumpet
    with Piano accompaniment.

    for Oboe, Clarinet or Soprano Sax.
  • Solo Oboe
  • Solo B Clarinet
  • Solo B Soprano Saxophone
    with piano accompaniment.